Monday, July 9, 2018

Searching for Silver Linings

I had a conversation with an uber-liberal Saturday morning.  It was not at the family reunion.  Everybody at the reunion respected the "Talking politics will get you thrown in the lake." rule.

The uber-liberal was in a very deep funk over recent events.

His wife had recently returned from a stay in the hospital.  The kids were acting up. He was tired.

And, as an uber-liberal, he was roasting over the thought of Trump nominating 2 Supreme Court justices.  One of the progressive's most impressive weapons has been law nullification via the court system and Trump was about to hamstring the Liberal side of the Supreme Court.

His sense of humor hasn't completely deserted him.  "You know, one good thing about Trump is that I now look back fondly at the Reagan years."

I take no delight in his discomfort. The guard-rails that defines the extremes are spreading.  There may come a day when we, conservatives, look back fondly at Obama.


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