Thursday, July 26, 2018


Published in the Lansing State Journal's Letters-to-the-Editor on July 26, 2018
A few hints
  • " lazy Dems..." The author slipped and implied that he does not consider himself a Democrat
  • "America's president is a Communist."  I have heard of Social-Democrats but never heard of Social-Republicans.  Democrats tend to favor socialism (communism) over private property.
  • "...our Always Been Great country..." is a Republican view.  The progressives are the ones who have been busy nullifying the Constitution and apologizing, groveling even, for America's exceptionalism.
  • The name, "Willy Williams".  Really?
If this piece was actually written by a Democrat it is nice to know that he thinks people who voted for Trump are racists and stupid.  Most of the Trump voters I know are against Affirmative Action and race-based set-asides and quotas. 

Maybe I am stupid because I think the word "racist" describes people who make decisions that disadvantage others based on their race.

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