Thursday, July 12, 2018

Painting window frames

Painting is not my favorite thing.  Lucky for me, my sister did most of the prep work.

Scrape off loose paint then sand or wire brush to remove the sun-damaged wood.


That was not so bad...except sis did the heavy lifting.
The windows on the south side of the building were in much rougher shape.
Realistically, the wood needs to be replaced but I was not prepared to do that today.  I suspect these wooden frames have been there since the 1950s.

The moldings on the top of the frames are in very bad shape.  The molding is about 1-1/4" wide

And 3/4" tall.  I wonder if that molding can be had in white vinyl?
This is what the molding looks like when rifle sighted down its length.

Beer break.
Primed but not top coated.  That is for another day.


  1. SADLY, that happens more often than not...

  2. Azek (or similar brands) molding might be worth looking into. It's good stuff and can be easily cut or worked with normal woodworking tools. Fewer beer breaks if you want it white because you don't have to paint it...

  3. Joe, that's not what they meant when they said, 'throw money at it'.

  4. ...but I would suggest, since it's clapboard siding, that you could eke a few more years out of those drip rails by cladding them with some flashing with its own drip line, tucked back up underneath the clapboards.