Sunday, July 15, 2018

A modest proposal to decentralize the Federal Government

I have some cousins who work inside the Beltway.

Their father worked inside the Beltway.

Their children work inside the Beltway. It has become a generational thing.

Sometimes, when talking to one of them, I get a whiff of "The White Man's Burden" It is not 'White Men' anymore but the sense of righteousness by virtue of birthplace is the same.

They assure me that it does not matter where they live and work because the Internet makes us all neighbors.  They can "feel my pain" through the Internet.

Of course, the sword cuts both ways.  Due to the Internet, their place of employment could very easily be anywhere other than the Washington D.C./Baltimore metro area with the high property prices, traffic and high crime rates.

Based on this article I propose that

The Treasury Department be moved to Casper, Wy.

The Department of Education be moved to Fort Worth, Tx.

The Justice Department be moved to Rutland, Vt.

The Department of Labor be moved to Fargo, ND.

HUD be moved to Fremont, Ca.

Transportation be moved to Tallahassee or Jacksonville, Fl.

The EPA be moved to Billings, Mt.

Lower costs, better performance and it drains the swamp.  Why would Trump NOT do it?


  1. You forgot Hastings, NE as a destination. Just a short drive to the Omaha airport or Colorado mountains to the west. There is a beautiful view of a Federal Security Max Prison on the way. Hopefully they can visit some friends, former colleagues. I note that Lancing MI was not on the list. Is that a bit of "not in my neighborhood"? I all seriousness, this is an awesome idea. They would be much more effective in their jobs if they were closer to its application. There are people that regulate Michigan or Georgia who have never been anywhere like it. And are less for it I might add.

    1. One of the pictures in my head was to divorce Federal people from failed "business models". Consider HUD: Why would you continue to fund cities that pay city workers 3X prevailing rates?

      Businesses benchmark the best. Trump is a businessman.

    2. Rich - I lived in Lansing, MI for a while. Lansing doesn't need any more dead-beat government officials.

      Joe - Why torture those communities with the FEDs. How about we build a big wall around the Beltway with razor wire on top and call it good?


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