Wednesday, July 11, 2018


The following is pure speculation:

Trump is a master bargainer.  Notice I did not use the word "negotiator".

One bargaining technique is to offer an extremely unpalatable option to the other party and stick with it until the eleventh hour; then offer a slightly less unpalatable option.

One way this could play out is to offer Kavanaugh and accept the non-confirmation.  Heck, he might get confirmed.  Then a month before the mid-terms to withdraw Kavanaugh and offer Amy Coney Barrett.

That puts the Democrats in a no-win situation.  If they don't speedily confirm Amy Barrett the Republicans can hammer the snot out of them as obstructionists and as anti-cis-woman.

Picking up a few more seats in the Senate makes Kavanaugh's confirmation a breeze in the event that more seats on the Supreme Court open up.

The is also the possibility that some of the older conservative justices might opt to avoid Ginsburg's agony and resign in time for Trump to select their successor.

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