Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Hot Cars, Part 2

Island Girl is the mother of four children and practices aquaponics which grows vegetables and fish in the same system.

Kenny Lane over at Knuckledragging My Life Away graciously linked to my post about Unattended Babies and Hot Cars.

One comment was absolutely outstanding and I want to repost it here:

I used to take off one shoe and throw it in the back seat, by the sleeping baby.
It’s impossible to not notice having two feet hit the ground, and only one has a shoe.
More simple. More effective.
I win.  

-Island Girl

Wirecutter's reply was that there was no way a driver was NOT going to notice when they stepped barefoot onto hot summer pavement that they were missing a shoe.

This internet is a great thing when people like Island Girl can share great ideas using one's shoe.

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