Sunday, July 1, 2018

Family reunions

We have our family reunion next weekend.

One of our most cherished members died in the past year and he will be sorely missed.

I really want to put up a sign, "People who insist on talking politics will be thrown into the lake."  We live in tense times.

Conservatives and liberals
Conservatives live mostly in their heads and liberals live in their hearts.

Healthy people do a little bit of both.

I like the bicycle model.  Emotions are the rear wheel and are the driving force.  Rational thought are the front wheel and handlebar and allow us to negotiate a safe path to our goals...often the exact goals specified by the emotions.

It is common for people, even people who qualify as adults based on their date-of-birth, to devolve into an 'emotion unicycle'. 

There are some robust methods to windmill restart the rational mind:
  • Spell name
  • Spell name backwards
  • Recite address
  • Recite phone number
  • Count-by-threes to 100
The problem you will run into is that person in the middle of an emotional screed experiences an endorphin rush and does not want to stop.

The only chance you have is if you can remind them that 'screed' is future tense for screwed.

Reuniting families
A judge recently ruled that the current administration has thirty days to reunite the families of undocumented immigrants.

How long do you think it will take the administration to notice that the ruling does not specify which side of the border?


  1. one cannot reach 100 by threes.

    1. That is funny. Do you suppose they will ever stop?

      Oh, I know your "problem". You assumed they would start at zero.


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