Thursday, July 5, 2018


Rest assured there is a jack-stand in addition to the hydraulic jack.  Cool picture if you click to embiggen.  You can see the blur of the 4-way spinning.  This is NOT Bella's best side.
Belladonna came home for the 4th.

She wanted to use my tools to change her front brake pads.

I kept an eye on her and lent technical support.  The right rotor needed replacing so we made an unscheduled trip into town.

The clerk at Advance Auto was very helpful.  Bella idly asked about job openings.  The clerk very graciously showed her how the computer database was laid out and invited her to work for Advanced Auto.

Bella was tickled.  The problem is that Allendale is 90 miles from Eaton Rapids.  The other issue is that as a junior in college she needs to focus on jobs-in-her field.

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  1. Awesome to see a young person working on their car. Most kids today know just enough to put gas in it and what number to call for roadside assistance. Better warn her about those flip-flops while working with tools and equipment. Hurts when stuff hits your foot!