Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Walking, Day Three A-A-R

The flip-phone jumped out of my pocket when I had to move faster than a walk.  Fixed it by adding some friction.
I saw two turtles


As you can see from the shadows it was sunny.

Mmmm!  Meat pizza!
Stopping for lunch was not a good idea.  My right calf cramped up from being hooked on the bar stool.  That, and $9 is a bit steep for a burger and a Coke.

Between the cramping and the chafing I was walking mighty funny by the time I neared the pull-out point.  Note to self:  Stretch more.

Physically, all systems were green except my face (red) and chafing.  Mrs ERJ has been quietly suggesting that I step up to compression shorts.  I will heed her advice and give them a try.

Heat index maxed at 89F.  Wind was 5 mph at my back so I had very little convective cooling and almost zero shade. Two water drops worked great.  Will continue to do that on warm days and long walks.

The Camelbak worked fine once I figured out how to tuck the mouthpiece up so it did not dribble.  I am sure I over filled it.

Today the heat index is expected to plateau at 95F which is at the top end of my envelop.  Wind will be 6 mph out of the east so I will be walking into the breeze.  That will help.


  1. We used to do that with our Zippos too... Stay hydrated and be careful out there!

  2. Just kidding. Longest hike I ever did was about 23 miles but it involved a few thousand feet elevation change, up and then down. I was one tired pup. Haven't done more than about 11 miles in quite a while (that was in NYC a few years ago). You are providing inspiration!


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