Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Unforeseen complications

Picture in your head a two liter bottle of Dr Pepper.  Further, picture that it has been sitting in the sun for several hours.  Finally, have a goofy kid vigorously shake the bottle for thirty minutes. 

How would you finish this story?

The garden is in full swing.  We are eating cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans and sweet corn.  We are eating gross-lots of said vegetables.

Vegetables have fiber.  They also have assorted oligosaccharides and higher order alcohols that humans lack enzymes to digest.  Those oligosaccharides and higher order alcohols are a feast for the teeming masses of microfauna that reside in my gut.  They happily live in the constant 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit of my gut and cheerfully metabolize the windfall into biomass, energy, methane and carbon dioxide.

Imagine a fat, old duffer who is getting back into running.  His immediate target is to run for three miles.  Considering ten minute miles to be a decent pace, that means he will be slogging away for, well, about thirty minutes.

Due to unforeseen complications, the running plan will be modified.  Not sure exactly how it will be modified...but something has to change.


  1. Back in the day, I was watching grandkids. Taking them home, I stopped to get gasoline in the truck, and the kids wanted a soda.

    One grandson grabbed a half-liter Dr. Pepper. Shook it vigorously. We walked outside, him still shaking the drink. I told him to open it in the parking lot. He cracked the top, with predictable results. Quite amusing.

    When I got him home, his Dad wondered why he was riding in the back of the pickup truck.

  2. OH man, yeah that story didn't end well, did it?

  3. You know, you could consider it rocket propelled running....just sayin'


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