Friday, August 25, 2017

Fake News Friday

Kentucky is famous for many things.  Race horses, fine bourbon, basketball teams and Burley tobacco come to mind.  But for some inexplicable reason the eponymous product that brings the most joy to people's lives is rarely associated with Kentucky.

This is the time of year when, across the great state of Kentucky but most especially in the coves and hollers of the eastern part of the state, rural families pick the bounteous wild fruits of the field and forest and make huge vats of jams and jellies.  Incredible amounts are sold all across the United States and the passion around this product is completely out of proportion to its surprisingly bland flavors and insipid color.

While more seasoned citizens no longer purchase it with the passion of youth, they find comfort and ease during those occasions when they renew their acquaintanceship with this artifact from their youth.

So if you should find yourself blessed to know somebody from Kentucky, take a few minutes sometime in late August, September or October and thank them for their genius.

Life just would not be as much fun without Ky. Jelly

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