Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Single payer, Universal coverage

If single payer, universal coverage is the optimum solution for outcomes and costs, why stop with healthcare?

Why not include the legal profession and lobbying?

If you like your lobbyist, you can keep your lobbyist...NOT.  After all, lobbyists are a fungible commodity just like doctors and you should be happy, Mr Industry Fatcat, to have a nameless bureaucrat assign one to your cause.

Legal profession...a near mirror image of the medical profession, right?  Let's randomly assign lawyers to cases and pay them a flat rate as stooges-of-the-state.

The sauce that is good for the goose should be plenty good enough for the gander.

Oh, wait.

Most law makers are lawyers.  It would be class betrayal to promote single-payer, universal coverage for legal services.  Well, scratch that idea.

And that lobby thing, that is where many politicians end up after leaving office so we know that idea is a non-starter.

Well, one can dream.

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