Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A comment from Aggie

Aggie left a comment on the post "You Can't Evacuate 6.5 million people" that was too well written to leave buried in comments.  Aggie's points are sharply reasoned and elegantly posed.

Consequently I am running it as a "guest post".  Aggie, let me know if you feel bruised and I will remove this post.

"(The Mayor is) deflecting criticism to a straw man. The choices are not "Evacuate nobody" or "Evacuate everybody", that's just an utter failure of creative reasoning, and a failure to react well to an evolving situation.

Everyone is dredging up the tragedies associated with Rita's evacuation in 2005, where a hundred or so died, as if that's a good reason. 2005.... 2005! What the hell has the Office of Em. Mgt. been doing since then, besides padding their backsides as well as their overblown pensions? Throwing up their hands, calling the Governor an idiot.....now that's real emergency planning leadership for you.

How about a partial evacuation of everyone in low-lying areas affected by the floods in 2016....and 2015....and Ike, in 2008? Not a bad start? Everyone of those floods were bad, and recent.

The National Hurricane Center had the storm forecast track coming directly over Houston on Wed. morning 23rd. That was the start of this clock. I think the mayor and the OEM will have some explaining to do. saying it's too hard is not going to be good enough."


  1. It could have, and SHOULD have been done... PPP, sigh...

  2. A complete and utter clusterf__k. The official recommendation was for a partial evacuation of low lying areas, the mayor is deflecting, and as usual the slugs are defending salt....


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