Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Millions of Cats

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Millions of Cats was written by Wanda Gag (pronounced to rhyme with "bog") and published in 1928.  It has been in-print ever since and is currently the champion "picture book" with regard to length of time to be continuously in print.  I hope it does not get black-balled for being "Hate Speech".
The story line is of a lonely, elderly couple who decide that they need a cat.  The old man proves to have a soft heart and is not capable of selecting just one cat.  He picks up every stray cat that he comes across and brings them back home.

A tip of the fedora to Carl, one of my coffee drinking buddies.
Women, of course, are much more practical then men.
Resource depletion and Identity politics.  Does that sound familiar?
Loony left and radical right duking it out.  You can see re-runs every weekend.
Personally, this is my strategy.  Stay away from crowds.  Stay out of the line of fire.  Don't volunteer to be a target.
Carl told me that he has vivid memories of his Kindergarten teacher taking the class on a field trip in early October of 1940.  They walked to the Eaton Rapids Public Library and his teacher read this book to them.

Wanda Gog was not prescient.  Rather, she accurately described people and people have not changed in the last ninety years.  Something for the crowd who think that we are 'evolving' to ponder.

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