Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cheese is the most shoplifted grocery item worldwide

According to the radio cheese is C.R.A.V.E.D.

Cheese meets the following criteria

Cheese is Concealable.  It is relatively compact for its value compared to disposable diapers or cans of baby formula.  Nor is it is not fragile like light bulbs.

Cheese is Removable.  It is easier to transport from the premises than solar panels or 52" flat screen TVs.

Cheese is Accessible.  Cheese is rarely separated from the buying public by locked glass cases (watches) or behind the counter (liquor).

Cheese is Valuable.  Cheese is flavor.  Cheese is calorie dense.  Good cheese is one of the most expensive food items (per unit weight) and it does not demand refrigeration nor does it leak body fluids down your leg.

Cheese is Enjoyable.  MMMmmmmm!  Cheese is bacon without the streaks.  Even if you cannot fence the stolen goods you can enjoy it yourself.  The same cannot be said for caviar or certain other luxury goods.

Cheese is Disposable.  No barcodes.  No serial numbers.  A large market who will gladly pay cash to get a great discount.  And the evidence gets eaten.


  1. Cheeeeeeeeessssssseeeeeee............

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