Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Kids and jobs

One of my coffee drinking buddies was telling us about his grandson, a young man of twenty.

Earlier this year the die-casting plant was hiring.  Base wages are approximately $20 an hour after the 90 day probationary period.  This job was a non-starter for the young man because the job came with the stipulation that he might be expected to work fifty-six hours a week when demand was high.  Overtime was $30 an hour.  There was also the possibility that he might get placed on second or third shift (actually, it was a near certainty). That was just too much work!

The young man got a job at one of the fast food places.  They scheduled him for five days in a row during training.  Even more insulting is that they expected him to MOVE.  They did not appreciate how easily and how profusely he sweated.  There were some fine looking women who worked at the restaurant and sweating in public was simply not acceptable.  He quit after a week and a half and management did not try to talk him into staying.

Then the young man seemed to have found his groove.  He was stocking shelves in one of the small stores in town.  That went well for a few weeks and then the young man decided he needed to take a Sunday off.  The obvious solution was to stop going to work.  He has not been back since.

My coffee drinking buddy realized that the young man was soon going to have to venture farther afield to find a job as he left a trail of disappointed employers.  He offered the young man his back-up truck.  For free.  It is old.  It is beat up.  It is a Dodge.  But it runs.

The young man looked his grandfather in the eye and informed him, "Gramps, that truck ain't good enough for me.  I am going to save my money and buy a NICE truck."

Gramps' response was FYATHYRIO, which has something to do with riding and horses, if memory serves.

Gramps is mystified.  How is a young man able to save any money when he refuses to earn any?  Must be that new math.

Sadly, "Gramps" is not alone.  A goodly portion of our young people seem to have similar attitudes regarding work.


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