Friday, August 18, 2017

All we need is LOVE...and pickles

I suspect this might be a cultivar called 'Madame Galen' although this blossom is prettier than the ones on the internet.
Mrs ERJ and I were walking in town the other day when we stumbled across a trumpet vine growing up the guy wire to a utility pole.

The flowers were beyond stunning, easily three times larger than the species and flat (rather than with petals recurved) so it displayed well.

A six year old kid on a bike commented, "That is my Granny's.  Want me to get her?"

It turns out that the kid, his sister and mom were staying with "Granny" for the duration.  The dad is a SeaBee and had been redeployed from state-side to Guam.

"Granny" grumbled that the Trumpet vines grew like weeds and she was constantly grubbing out shoots and tossing them into the compost pile.

It does not look like much but I am exceptionally gifted at growing weeds.
"Granny" told me to come back and get another if this one died.  The fact that I tucked a $5 bill into "Grampa's" pocket to buy the grandkids ice-cream cones probably did not hurt my Karmic balance.

Always on guard
Protected by Master Lock and Poison Arrow Frogs.
All we need is LOVE

And Pickles
Recently, I learned that Belladonna loves pickles.  Bread-and-butter pickles are her favorite.
This Recipe is the one she asked me to try.

I will let you know if Belladonna approves.
More canning porn

I help a gentleman out by taking on some of the computer "busy-work".   I saw these while walking through the kitchen on the way to the office. You gotta like a boss who cans peaches.  The man has style.

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