Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Complaining about the weather

I am baffled by why every weather site I visit is so slow at animating radar history.

Image from HERE.  This is an animated gif showing the working innards of an SKS.

Every other kind of site is able to spew out video and animated GIFs without a hiccup.  They load lickity-split.  So why do radar animations load so slowly that I might as well be using a 2400 baud rate land-line?

Is it a legal "terms of use" thing?  I imagine that the US weather service is the supplier of most of the radar.  Why can't the sites download a slide for each state every fifteen minutes and then automatically update the GIF in buffer by deleting the oldest slide and slapping the most recent slide on the back of the stack.  Then, instead of downloading a pokey animation, just display the gif.

Geeze, Louis...I can stick my head out the window if it is going to take fifteen minutes for the animation to load.

Incidentally, I will much appreciate any tips for weather related websites that load quickly.


  1. I want a rifle like that SKS. You might notice that it reloads the magazine on every cycle. Think of it, a gun that would shoot forever.

    1. I thought that was the main appeal for that Cowboy Fast Draw shooting you do. Everybody moviegoer knows that REAL cowboy guns never run out of bullets.


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