Saturday, August 12, 2017

Deflation advice

Oldman03 has a very funny post over at 24hourcampfire.

He had to run into town for an imaging procedure.  The protocol for the imaging required that he drink vast amounts of various, foul smelling concoctions.

The procedure took ten minutes and he figured that as long as he was in town he could run some errands.  The only issue was that the foul smelling concoctions made him fart like a motorboat.  Each fart was potent enough to strip paint and knock buzzards out of the sky.  Transacting business became aerobic as he made a dash for the door each time he felt a fart coming on.

Apparently this is not an uncommon procedure.  The winning comment was to pull out your phone as you head to the door.  Most folks don't want to overhear other people's phone conversations so you can have some privacy as you deflate.

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