Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Things that need to be said

A scope with a higher magnification will not help you hold your weapon any steadier.

High-maintenance should never be mistaken for high-class.

You might be able to out-run a cop car but you cannot out-run radio transmissions.

More chilies don't make the meat fresher. More beers don't really make the girls prettier.

The difference between a dog and a fox is six beers.

As I age, I find I now get drunk on a single drink. Usually the fifth one.

Character isn't how folks act when everything is going right. It is how they act when things go poorly.

Pepper spray means you can have a really good laugh about it....six years later.

Don't ask me to explain women. I have only been married once and she is not on the market.

Someday your kid will hear your voice come out of their kid's mouth. "Dad, you can borrow my tools but make sure you put them back where you found them. These are my GOOD tools."

It is as easy to drive on the top half of the gas tank as the bottom half and it is a lot less worrisome.

Folks would be a lot more civil if there was a chance they would get their asses kicked for being rude.

The only time it makes economic sense to buy a new car is if your current vehicle is so unreliable you are likely to lose your job.

Progressives want to take conservative's weapons because they realize the only real weapon is a functioning brain. They want to level the playing field.

Please feel free to add your own.


  1. Never argue with an idiot.
    They'll drag you down to their level and beat you in experience and skill.

  2. there are very few problems in life that cannot be solved by the practical application of high explosives.

  3. yes, one of the main causes of our "gun violence" problem is the lack of a good ass kicking at the proper times. toss in women's suffrage, allowing non-landowners to vote, and fatherless children. most of the rest of our problems are derived from these core ones.women gave us touchy-feely laws, the non-landowners vote themselves money, and the welfare state encourages fathers to abandon their responsibility leaving the burden on society.

  4. 1st one (rifle optics) is true, as is low magnification scope will be easier to steady and offer a faster shot.

    If the brasiere matches the panties, that wasn't an accident. It was part of a plan.

  5. Incoming fire has the right of way.

    The only thing more accurate than incoming fire is incoming friendly fire.

    And my ranching favorite:
    Never move black cattle at night.

  6. A chlid is the only known substance from which a responsible adult can be made.

  7. God works in mysterious was. Satan runs it right up the middle.


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