Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Never underestimate the utility of women's lingerie

One of my esteemed blogging buddies observed "...preparedness and survival.  I never considered (women's) lingerie to be an important part of the process"

By an amazing coincidence I had been running in the park the other day (three miles in 1.45 fortnights!) when I met a young lady named Amy. Amy was preparing for a 50k race in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula. The course ran atop the Pictured Rocks and crossed the Two Hearted River.

While talking, she shared that women's "nylons", i.e. shear panty-hose, deterred ticks.

Ticks and chiggers qualify as a "preparedness and survival" issue.

Mrs ERJ wanted more details so I opened a search engine and typed in "Panty-hose Ticks"

A typical article like this one said it was for-real.

White is the preferred color to make it easier to see them climbing your legs.

Sadly, it is only a partial solution. Ticks will climb until they find a place to dig in.

I have to wonder if a sweat-band-like construction could stop the ticks if it was impregnated with insecticide or female-velcro to entrap them or smeared with Crisco or Vaseline.


  1. Pretty unscientific but my daughter who is universally loved by biting insects and ticks (never counted the legs on a tick) took dietary sulfur the day before the trip and the day of the trip. At camp everyone was pulling one or two ticks off themselves buy not my family. No welts on her sweat face. No ticks.

    1. Was the sulfur mixed with saltpeter and charcoal or plain?

  2. I have a backpacking trip coming up and plan to spray all my clothes with permethrin. Sawyer's Insect Repellent was recommended.

    Thanks for the panty hose suggestion but I am afraid I would lose my Man Card.

    Opie Odd

    1. Pantyhose also helps keep your legs warm in cold weather. If it's the difference between being warm and keeping my Man Card, well, the Man Card makes good fire starter.

  3. The band with vaseline sounds like what they do to tree trunks to stop gypsy moth caterpillers.

  4. High Tech RedneckMay 27, 2021 at 9:26 AM

    I keep plain Listerine antiseptic in a small spray bottle and spritz my boots and pants when hitting the field.


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