Monday, May 17, 2021

Figs, Timothy, Jack


The ever-helpful Belladonna helped me pick out the 3 gallon pots. She claimed that kitty-litter buckets would clash with the color of their house. What do I know about such things?

My Italian sister-in-law expressed an interest in figs. She wants to reduce the amount of grass she has to mow and producing food in that space.

In these upper latitudes, the hot ticket for figs is to grown them in containers with an ample number of large holes in the bottom of the container. Then, either bury half the container in a shallow hole or mound mulch around them. The roots can then drive into the soil and gather moisture.

In the autumn, take a sharp shovel and sever the roots close to the container and store in a place that will not drop below 25 degrees....a cellar or some garages. If the garage gets colder than that, sawdust can be mounded over the container to insulate it.

Foreground: Genovese Nero

Background left: Nero 600M

Background right: Violette de Bordeaux 

Because she is Italian, I felt compelled to ensure she had at least two varieties that were from Italy. 


The timothy in the pasture is pollinating and my eyes are itching. I wonder if the two are related.


Jack-in-the-pulpit is blooming in the woods. Large, showy flowers are usually insect pollinated. The pollen in insect pollinated plants tends to be sticky or clumpy.

The flowers of wind pollinated species tend to be inconspicuous and release clouds of pollen when brushed. Jack-in-the-pulpit is most likely insect pollinated.


  1. Thanks for the fig update. I'd wondered how you grew them out your way. Timothy and eyes -- definitely. My daughter-in-law isn't allergic to alot but Timothy is one that she is.

  2. I got some eye allergy drops from my eye doctor called Pataday. Once a day when needed. Best thing I've used.---ken .

  3. I have had some success in reducing the itchiness by applying Vaseline to my eyelids before going out in the pollen. My thinking is that a moderately heavy coating can serve as a barrier between me and the pollen, and it helps keep the eyelids from getting dried out. It does cut down on my use of Visine, but sometimes my eyelashes will smear it on my glasses. I halfway expected to come in from mowing with big yellow blotches but I have not seen that.


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