Sunday, May 2, 2021

Drugs, hysteria, racism, aliens and magic


What do hallucinogenic-drugs, mass-hysteria, systemic-racism and space-aliens and magic have in common? 

The explain EVERYTHING and predict nothing.

That is why airplanes are held together with spars and rivets rather than magical incantations.

Do drugs, hysteria, racism, aliens and magic exist? Certainly there is evidence of them.

Yeah, probably so. But the fact that they are "rear-view mirror" explanations severely limits their utility, especially when they blind decision-makers to ways of looking at the worlds that have predictive capability and give the decision-maker a much, much higher degree of control of the outcome.

Systemic-racism can be used to explain every booboo, injustice and stroke of misfortune that ever befell a person-of-color.

Systemic-racism can be used to explain much higher rates of maternal mortality (for instance).

But the screed of systemic-racism will not FIX hard issues like maternal mortality and, in fact, will prevent those issues from being solved.

Hard question must be asked. Some of them look into genetic predisposition and others examine sacred cows like Medicaid and the lack of monetary disincentive to blowing-off appointments.

So forgive me if I do not bow to the alters of magic mushrooms, rave parties, BLM/Systemic-racism, space-aliens and bigfoot.

I have a life to live and real problems to solve.


  1. Mass hysteria produced a violent insurrection on jan 6. Hardly, a non problem.

    1. Please describe:
      A) An insurrection
      B) where one of those occurred on Jan 6


      They had weapons, they intended to overthrow an election, they murdered.

    3. I am going to sit this one out.

      Your discussion is tangential to the original post.

      Time to pop some popcorn.

    4. "they murdered."
      Name one. I'll come back.

    5. The protesters were invited in - I have seen the videos

      There was violence - a cop shot an unarmed protestor in the neck

      The buffalo boy is a democrat false flag operative.

      You aint seen nothing yet as far as violence goes.

    6. I rest my case.
      Was the popcorn as good at your house as it was at mine, ERJ?

    7. Lucas is OK. I think he has been watching the more Progressive news sources.

      I get a dose when I stay with Mom because that is what she does all day long: Watch TV.

      All the talking heads pound the word "Insurrection" every chance they get. Then they quote Biden's claim's about how horrible it was.

      I want to toss in two observations: By any rational comparison claims of "insurrection" are feeble. Central Michigan football gets more fanatics than the "insurrection" and a rowdy night in Milwaukee gets more gunfire than the supposedly violent overthrow attempt.

      The second observation involves "What is in the memory of Nancy Pelosi's laptop?" Are all of the amateurish histronics an attempt to distract us from ANOTHER "smartest woman in the world" who did dumb things with computer equipment and top-secrets?


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