Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Iguana control



Sniping iguana in south Florida. Iguana burrow and munch on landscaping. In cold weather they fall out of trees into traffic and on to pedestrians.

I bet they taste like chicken.

Iguana Solutions has a boat-load of videos. Some with snare poles. Others with airguns.

Her airgun deserves comment. It fires a .22 caliber, 25 grain pellet at about 850 fps. It uses a tank of pre-compressed air so she can get multiple shots. She really lays them out with head-shots. It is not cheap at $1400 but it is a tool they use every day.

Velocity fall-off

About fifty shots from a fully charged tank before the shooter starts to see velocity fall.

One concern with a weapon that uses a precharged tank is that velocity is likely to fall-off as the pressure in the tank falls.

One work-around is to use a regulator to control the pressure ported to the pellet. Obviously, the regulated pressure must be less than the pressure in the tank. Regulators cannot create energy!

That presents the designer with a dilemma. If he chooses a lower pressure to extend the plateau then he loses power. If he chooses higher pressure to maximize power than he shortens the number of shots available to the shooter before trajectories become unpredictable.

Air rifles work for Iguana Solutions because there is no brass to police and they are quieter than .22s, even though there are many low-noise .22 rounds available. Those options include CB, and CCI "Quiet" .22LR and even the humble .22 Short.


  1. Cool company concept, bro! Go out hunting, and get paid for it.

    DeermeatforDinner might be able to help with the question of what the iguana taste like, I won't spoil the surprise.

    But, he is a south Florida youtuber who catches, cleans and eats the stuff that he harvests. And his channel is family friendly.

  2. Wow she is a great shot!

  3. I enjoy the company of Purple Martins that nest here and raise young before moving farther North. Unfortunately they are terrorized by English Sparrows. Therefore I bought a pre-charged pneumatic air rifle similar to the one in this article and declared Holy Jihad on the English. These .22 cal. pellet guns are shockingly accurate - FAR more accurate than any .22 rimfire. I easily shoot sparrows in the eye at 20-25 yards. Since they are not considered a firearm, they are legal to shoot in the city and far safer. Quiet also - especially with a suppressor. Since the suppressor will not attach to a firearm (and would be destroyed in short order if it did) there is no paperwork required. These new air rifles are a far cry from the Benjamin pump we grew up with.

  4. Those pre-charged air tanked pellet rifles are the shizzle. Alas, I am of humble means and have to make do with the standard spring piston pellet rifle. My Webley Tomahawk .22 is a good rat gun.

    I wonder what 'tree chicken' tastes like ? I've eaten snake and am guessing it is somewhat similar.

  5. I researched air rifles there for a while. they are great when you have, say, a hog problem but live in an area where using firearms is prohibited. There is a wide variety of calibers available, up to .38 if I recall correctly. And you can get both super-sonic and sub-sonic options. Obviously the former features the high-velocity super-sonic 'crack' that normal rifles have. You can get your own high-pressure compressor to charge them even. One could argue they are a highly viable alternative, aside from the initial outlay.

  6. .22 shorts and suppressor is quieter than that air rifle. :-)

    1. The Short is marginally quieter but not enough to matter to my ears. It is far inferior in both trajectory and accuracy.


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