Thursday, May 6, 2021

Things I am thankful for

Today I am thankful for people who still want to work

The roofers did the final pick-up and walk around. I wrote the check.

As he was getting ready to leave, the lead guy suggested that I contact my insurance company. Many insurance companies offer discounts for new, steel, standing-seam roofs because they offer greater resistance to hail, falling branches, fire and ice-dams.

He did not have to tell me that but I am thankful that he did.

When he originally quoted the work he estimated about 100 man-hours and three working calendar days. Between the weather and the difficulty in finding people who want to work, it took two full weeks.

Today I am thankful for being relatively healthy

I take my health for granted.

This fine, '69 Chubby was sitting in the back of the parking lot

It had a marblized paint job. I don't know if it would work on every car but it looked fine on this one.

I dropped the van off in town to have a couple of things worked on.

Violets. These had large flowers.

Then over hill...

...and dale. I only had to walk a half-mile on a busy road and that road had a generous shoulder.

I walked back to the house. For OPSEC reasons, I can only reveal that it is between two-and-five miles away.

For giggles, I carried the ALICE pack which I have ballasted to a gross weight of 47 pounds.

I could tell that it had been a month since I carried the pack, but I was able to do it, by George.

Listening to the health-woes of others, including many who are MUCH younger than me, makes me realize that God blessed me. I don't know what He has on the docket, but the least I can do is be ready. 

I am thankful for pretty birds

This Oriole showed up at the hummingbird feeder. No hummingbirds yet.

I am thankful that I live in a place where I can have a minimalist EDC load-out

3 minute run-time. Minimalist approach starts at 1:18 mark


  1. Had my first hummingbird today in Alger😀

    1. Beautiful country up there. You are a lucky person.

  2. Nice! Still waiting on the hummingbirds to show up! And BRC for the win on the video...LOL

    1. I wonder who manufactures the rubber-ducky sight. If I ever get a firearm...sigh.

  3. That video was ridiculous.
    He has nowhere near enough firearms.

  4. Ed- ya gotta remember that was 'just' his EDC - likely only a small fraction of his total arsenal ;-)


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