Friday, May 7, 2021

Practicing medicine without a license

It is highly illegal in the United States to practice medicine without a license.

It is also illegal to prescribe medicines or therapies without first establishing a "professional relationship" with the patient.

For example, you could be chatting with the world's greatest physician at a casual party. You learn that she is a world-class expert in exactly your disease.

That physician cannot legally write you a script for a medicine or piece of medical equipment. She could lose her license if she did.

In fact, she cannot know if you have the disease you claim that you do. She has no assurance that you won't sell those drugs on the street or if you have other conditions that contraindicate her first-choice in drugs.

What medical school did she graduate from?

By what magic can she mandate medical equipment like a mask without knowledge of each patient's propensity to depression, allergies and sinus infections?


  1. She can't, unless there's no objection. The magic elixir of Recall is indicated.

  2. Regarding practicing without a license, about 15 years ago one of my customers told me he needed a dentist, but had no insurance. So his grandfather(who is from south of the border illegaly) convinced the guy to go to the grandfathers dentist. Drove about 80 miles south, went to this house and parked in a dirt yard full of chickens, go inside and it is a full on dentist office, all unlicensed of course. Got his tooth fixed cheap, and on his way.

  3. Is "cunt" spelled with a "C" or a "K"? I believe it is spelled with a "C", but then I am merely asking. The spelling lesson has nothing to do with the depicted photo......LOL

  4. It is usually spelled with a "C". The preferred vowel, in polite society, is an "A" and there is an apostrophe between the "n" and the "t".

    "'Can't' do this and 'can't' do that!"

    "Oh, but mother-may-I..."

    "Well, OK, but only if you make a campaign donation"

  5. Recently been trying experiment: No mask when doing stuff. I am in walmart maskless. Guessing about 10-20% also maskless. Battery store, Irrigation shop, mexican resturant, print shop, bearing store, worship, mens breakfast...ALL maskless. Autozone and the General store it was women who shrieked at me to put my mask on.
    It's over.
    I am not blind. I can see how stupid it is for homemade face covering and medical masks worn way, way past their useful life.
    Maybe I will get sick, huh? Haven't so far. I choose to not live in fear. If I get sick and die, I go straight to heaven where worship will never end. Then my kids will be able to pay off their homes with all my stuff. Amen

  6. More to the point, where does a state governor think she gets the authority to mandate any of this crap? Whether she's an MD or not. Her role is advisory, and I don't work for her. She may try to convince, but when she tries to mandate, her security detail should be getting extra hazard pay.


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