Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Fine Art Tuesday


This is the first Steve Hanks painting I ever saw. I bought a print because his subject looked nearly identical to my oldest daughter at the time. That would have been in 1992.

Steve Hanks born in 1949 in San Diego. His father was a highly decorated, Navy flier. Hanks died in 2015.

“I’ve tried to be responsible and put positive images out into the world,” says Steve Hanks. “I hope that my work brings comfort, pleasure and insight into people’s lives.”

Steve Hanks is most notable for painting women. The women in Steve Hanks paintings tend to be robust, and magnificently feminine. While other artists might favor frail, thready orchids of women who appear to be greatly in need of a dose of worming medicine, Hanks prefered women who are unapologetic women; they have curves. If they were flowers they would be ruffled irises, peonies, calla lilies and vast trusses of fragrant sweet peas.

Hanks is a prolific painter. If these images appeal to you but are not exactly what you are looking for, use an image search and see if something he painted scratches-your-itch.


  1. Nice work. A couple rather touching.

  2. I'm not an artsy type but the quality of those is amazing.


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