Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Enbridge Pipeline #5

Whitmer says "Hold my beer"

While Virginia, Georgia and North Carolina reel from the effects of the Colonial pipeline that was shut down by hackers, Governor Whitmer (Idiot, Michigan) insists she will start occupying Enbridge property if they don't shut down the Enbridge #5 pipeline that ships Canadian oil into Michigan's Lower Peninsula on May 12.

Even as left-leaning media wails about the lack of infrastructure to back-stop the Colonial outage, Whitmer is unconcerned about the price of gasoline, LP and heating oil and the shortage of trucks and liquification capacity to meet demand.

Whitmer has the mental agility of a reptile. All she sees is a challenge to her authority. She is either incapable of seeing what it will cost Michigan residents or she is incapable of caring. Perhaps both.


  1. She is a power mad bitch, isn't she?

  2. Or she sees, and she cares.
    But in a different sense of caring .

  3. Two factoids I've discovered while researching Line 5:
    1. Michigan uses more propane than any other state in the U.S.
    2.Michigan has the most underground natural gas storage in U.S.
    If Whitless gets Line 5 shut down, what do you think propane prices will be come next winter? Will we see ex-guv Granholm appearing with Whitless in N. Mich. to praise the residents for their use re-cyclable blankets to stay warm? What a cluster schtoop.

  4. How far must the idiot go before the great people of Michigan identify the idiot as an enemy of the people, and depose her? It is incorrect to refer to that bitch as governor. Governors are those that govern. There is another name for people that do things that harm the people that they represent. AND those of neighboring states.

    One could see support coming for idiot-girl from warshington. But 20 billions of dollars in losses directly resulting from idiot-girls alleged attempt to save Gaia, well that could ruin many lives.

    That that bitch is a menace to Michigan is obvious. But that bitch f*cking with people in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania, in trying to change the terms of an International contract?

    One could hope that she, and all her communist cohorts die peacefully in their sleep. In a giant pool of blood.

  5. Can someone enlighten me on exactly why the woman wants to make this stupid move? Is it just the "pipelines evil" crap?

  6. Another glaring example of how our "betters" ruling elites have utterly failed us, and with the only viable reason being because they are almost too stupid to breath on their own.

    They think "cream rises to the top," when in fact what they are demonstrating is that "shit floats."


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