Wednesday, May 26, 2021


My new brother-in-law retired and moved from the Flint area into my sister's house. They had been dating for thirteen years and he is one of my hunting buddies.

Time has been heavy on his hands.

I had an invitation to have lunch in Indiana with a friend. On a whim, I invited him along. My friend had no objection to a third person.

We are all roughly the same age and share many of the same interests.

We arm-wrestled over who got to pick up the tab. My brother-in-law won.

I had the Swiss Steak Special at $9.99 and a piece of home-made cherry pie.

I heartily recommend Clay's Family Restaurant in northeast Indiana. It is a little bit off of I-69 and just south of the Indiana-Michigan border. From my house it was a 70-to-80 mile trip.

The restaurant is extremely retro from the air vents in the ceiling to the baseboards. The coffee is good and Mr Clay swung by several times topping off coffee cups and offering desert.

My brother-in-law was easy to have around. He contributed his fair share to the conversation but let my friend do most of the talking. I cannot remember a meal when I enjoyed the company more.

In the interest of operational security, the new B-i-L will be known as "Shotgun" cause he sat in the copilot's seat on both legs of the trip. I foresee more road-trips with Shotgun in the future.


  1. Huzzah for bonding and network building!

  2. Nice. I have three sisters and between them they've had five husbands. They always get rid of the FUN ONES!

  3. Eighty miles - does that count as "just around the corner"?

  4. Always nice to have a relative that is a friend too...

  5. HA !
    I think it was just a couple of week's ago some guys at work were reminiscing about a great burger joint they used to go to on the IN/MI border. It was described as an old family owned place just off of 80 and I think Clay's is the place they finally remembered. (we're in the Chicagoland area)

  6. Always nice to have a 'gunner' along... ;-)


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