Saturday, March 20, 2021

The road to perdition

I intend to go fishing for suckers once the temp hit 50F or 10 Canadian. It may be a few days yet.


I spent half the day at mom's.

One of her neighbors is an instructor in a law school. I sent him a link to the video over at Vern's Stories.The video is from a Zoom court proceedings and the prosecutor had the presence of mind to deduce that the person accused of domestic abuse was in the house with the victim. Kudos to the prosecutor and a big atta-boy to the judge for taking her intuitions seriously. 

 "Mr Piece of Garbage, please walk outside and show me the front of your house, including the street number"

"Golly, Mr Your Homie...I would but my battery is almost dead...."

Then I ran into another of her neighbors. His garage door was open. I saw some paintings and an easel. His work will be featured in the near future.

Once back home it was a little bit of this and little bit of that. The "soft maple" are pollinating and I can feel it in my eyes. I heard spring peepers in some of the potholes.

One of my aggravations is that Kubota decided to turn my half of the garage into his man-cave. He moved my "junk" into various, random places. Now I cannot find anything.

So I looked for "stuff". Pruned a few pear trees (topping them out at about 10'). I tried to move some woodchips but the pile was still frozen about six inches down. Looked for more stuff.

Finally, I took my reloading gear over to a friend's house and started him down the path to perdition. I felt like a dope. I got over there and had forgotten the dies for the 2777 Lazerlips Needlenose Deerionizer. He is pretty excited about reloading. His eyes lit up when I told him that everybody I know reloads in blocks of 100 since most bullets and and primers come in that size box. 100 2777 Lazerlips Needlenose Deerionizers must have seemed like a HUGE number to him.

I did not tell him about reloaders who shoot competitively or who favor 9mm or 40 S&W. They tend to reload in thousands and tens-of-thousands.

He was not too bummed. He was whipped. He had been working in the woods. He and his bride plan to move "up north" in a few years and he had an opportunity to work in a business acquaintance's wood lot with payment "in kind". In this case, the payment would be in rough sawn wood suitable for purlins in a pole building.

The last bit of conversation we had regarded the political trajectory of the country. I offered the opinion that we were turning into Italy. We have two economies, two sets of laws, two everything.

We have the official, for-show set and then we have the under-the-table ones that we actually use. There are costs associated with running multiple sets of books (for instance), but it is one of the few soft-landing scenarios out there. It might be something to aim for.


  1. By trajectory, if you mean death spiral, you're on the money... sigh

    1. Based on any reasonable set of metrics, Italy (and Spain and Greece and....) have been three years from abject and total economic and social collapse since I was a kid.

      This is nothing to brag about. Italy also had a period when children of important people were kidnapped and then mailed back to their parents one finger joint at a time.

      I just want to hold out the possibility that there are alternative futures that don't include total/absolute fratricidal, civil war.


    Top Trending Video - Glitterbomb Trap Catches Phone Scammer (who gets arrested)

    ps. Could you please add CC to your blogroll?

  3. I saw that video. I believe the cop that was on zoom realized that the defendant and complainant were in the same apartment at the beginning of the call and dispatched police to the location. The prosecutor only mentions it a couple of minutes before the police are at the door.

  4. Joe, instead of suckers may I suggest an alternate?

    Silver bass. When they run in the Detroit River, there are gajillions of them, aggressively hitting everything shiny in their proximity.

    Their flesh is firmer, color brighter, and they just plain taste better. The fat along the lateral line must be removed. Last time I checked each fisherman was allowed 25. When they run 1 1/4 to 2 pounds each a limit can be a sizable amount of fish.


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