Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Calves and fishing


I moved the calves to a fresh paddock yesterday morning. One of the little stinkers respected the fence so much that he refused to go through the opening.

I ran a line of cracked corn across where the fence had been. When he got to the end of the line he was with his buddies. Just like magic.

I restrung that end of the fence and turned it back on.

The temperature in the Grand River hit fifty. I went fishing.

The suckers might have been running in this creek but they were not biting my worm. I will try again tonight.

I was talking to a local who is in his early 40s. He commented that he remembered when he and his buddies walked up-and-down this creek with their bows trying to shoot the suckers. Suckers are slender fish, so I am sure they didn't hit many.

The area is more built up now. There are more ordinances. I am sure it would be impossible for kids to do that now. Folks would call the cops.

Today is "dig up chestnut tree and move it" day.

I am trying to figure out how long I can put off planting pecans and acorns. The sooner I put them in the ground the more I will lose to squirrels.


  1. Some cows are...not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier...

  2. I went to town and bought my Michigan fishing license which I probably won't use. The regulation book is 65 pages long. You need your lawyer and accountant to help you figure out what you can do now on your local creek. I'm sure that the DNR can find something to ticket you for if they need to fill their monthly quota. I'm done with this. Ain't worth it. ---ken

  3. Alaska fishing is probably not so bad because everything is broken down in regions. Now hunting is much more complicated. Certain game is subject to federal subsistence rules but only on federal land and for people who qualify for a federal permit. State rules apply to every on on all land which may include certain areas that are closed to certain game!

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  5. I use the "Feeding Times" by Dan Barnett. Old school info. The dad discovered it in 52'. The son who's in his 70's runs it now. When you have the option to choose fishing days, and the weather cooperates (no fronts), I always choose black days. Barnett does nothing internet or email. Its all mail order. If I had a email, I'd send you a picture of next month's predictions. I've compared Barnett's result's to fishing calendars available. His are slightly different. Which if you fish every day won't matter, but, when you have limited time it's a confidence builder. Next strikes, my time, 8th 9am 2pm, 9th 10-3, 17th 4pm-9pm, 18th 5am-10am, 5pm-10pm, 19th 530am-10am, 6pm-10pm. Not sure about your time adjust, battle creek, mi. is plus 40min.


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