Thursday, March 11, 2021

Has anybody else experienced a dramatic fall-off in email traffic?

My incoming email is about 35% of normal and has been like that for about two-weeks.

Has anybody else seen the same?


  1. Seems odd. Not the case here. Maybe spring has people getting outside and doing other things. Or a general unease with the way things are going so they are hesitant to interact ? --ken

  2. Yours is about the only blog I am still reading. Email is still the same. Forking mulch rather than scrolling.

  3. Mine seems light. No hard numbers, just lots of times when I would normally have mail, I have none.
    Thought I was the only one. Maybe Google has tightened the spam rules? Sarcasm alert.

  4. Do you check your Spam folder regularly?

    True story: An individual I know was not receiving her emails, or so she claimed. I asked 'Did you check your Spam folder?; to which she replied 'Only spam goes there!!" Tried to explain that is not always the case.

    When she clicked on the "Spam" to prove that she was right, and I was wrong.....yeah; and despite that she still does not check it regularly.

    1. I have nineteen messages in spam. Most of them from Kelly in Georgia still trying to raise funds for the Senate race.

  5. A slight variation on a theme... For some reason I found I wasn't getting the normal amount of email from people I know. Turned out I had like a bazzilion emails I had failed to throw away. Deleted those puppies and it all went back to normal. Not saying that's your problem but it sure snuck up on me.

  6. Seeing some drop off, but not to the extent you are.

  7. Mine's down, but I have been attributing it to putting several email reflectors on "special notices only".


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