Friday, March 12, 2021

$1.9 Trillion

$1.9e+12/1.1e+08  households= $17k per household

Lemme know if you see that amount of benefit in your household from the "Covid Relief" bill, because that is how much debt has been added as "your share" of the national debt.


  1. Did you forget to add, 'in perpetuity' when speaking of the shared debt?

  2. It appears that each American is not getting much of the "covid relief bill". I divided 1.9Trillion dollars by 330 million people and I got 5,757.57 dollars per citizen. Where did the rest go ?

    1. I opted for "per household". There are about 110M households in the US.

      There are currently four people in the ERJ household and only two of us are eligible to receive any money.

    2. True. But I was commenting on the fact that of the $5757.57 per person, we get only $1400 of it, leaving $4357.57 each for PORK.


    The old broken record? GOP bitching about spending until they are in power then fire up the printing press for the military, big donors, etc. I remember in the Bush years the line that he never saw a spending bill he didn't like.

    Spending can lead to problems alright but everybody wants restraint for someone else. New Zealand had big issues 20 years ago.

    A good graphic of the recent spending at the 44 sec mark. LOL

  4. The national debt reached NEVER GETTING PAID a long time ago.
    I can't even see it getting inflated away.
    We are screwed.

  5. Double that amount. At least half of America doesn't pay taxes.


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