Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Predictions from December, 2020


1.) Prediction: Joe Biden will serve as POTUS from January 20 through the remainder of 2021. 

So far this is correct.

2.) Prediction: The GOP will retain control of the Senate.


3.) Prediction: Cities will burn in July and August

Too soon to tell.

4.) Prediction: Prices will get crazy in very unpredictable ways.

5.) Prediction: People will stop donating to the Democratic party.

6.) Prediction: Former President Obama will start to sound reasonable

Not yet

7.) Prediction: Melania Trump will be happy

She is still miffed about the shabby way she was treated and the fawning attention Mrs Biden receives.

8.) Prediction: Donald Trump become the boogeyman the press claims he was

They are trying but they can only milk January 6 for so long

9.) Prediction: Covid will remain a drag on the economy for the entire year

No reason to doubt this, yet.

10.) Prediction: Somewhere, somebody will still have a free spirit and fill their part of the universe with joy.

One word: Wirecutter

11.) Prediction: There will be a resurgence of interest in revolvers and the .38 Special will regain popularity

No more than for any other firearm

12.) Prediction: Not only will our country continue to split apart, every individual will split into the PUBLIC person and the PRIVATE person.


I really wish the prediction about mass shootings had not been correct. At least they didn't mow down a bunch of school kids or true-innocents.



  1. I had the same prediction about a mass shooting as you did. I thought we would have had one last month. But this one will provide the "let no crisis go to waste" moment they are looking for. I predict in less than a month from now a bill banning semiautos of all sort, calling them assault rifles, will be on shortbus joe's desk, if not signed already.

    1. I hope the Senate is not that crazy/stupid. Failing that, we can hope the Supremes will step up and do their damned job.


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