Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Looks like Buckwheat got his money's worth out of that one


Full-metallic brake pads. Twice as good as semi-metallics.
Regarding Mike's comment, I paid for the parts. The kid could not be bothered to stop driving it.
The music running through my head as I slapped the new pads in.
Yes, the rotor is grooved. No, I did not replace it. The next one is on him.


  1. Been there when I was poor. Bad thing is, it ends up costing more because you usually need a new rotor, too.

  2. If it's not warped it's not broke. :)

  3. If you're doing it for him, then when is the 'learning' part scheduled? (Not being critical). I see by your 'pink' tool bands that sometimes it's better to make tools easy to spot - Especially when they migrate.

    1. A responsible adult owns the vehicle. They are "loaning" it to the irresponsible one. I promised the responsible one that I would get brakes on it.

      At this stage of the irresponsible person's life, they are impossible to teach anything. I don't offer any more.

      Life is a complicated palette of grays. We weave our way through it as best we can, correcting when it becomes glaringly obvious that we screwed up.


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