Monday, March 8, 2021

Good weather. Catching up on outdoor work


Water temperature of the Grand River about ten miles east of Lake Michigan.

The ground is still frozen in places. I tried to chisel some Jefferson hazelnut suckers out of the ground.

I spread fertilizer today. I usually wait until the first week of May but I wasn't getting the "pop" I expected. It takes time for the nitrogen fertilizer to change to nitrates which are the form plants can assimilate. I may have been missing optimum moisture by fertilizing so late. I will see if I like how the trees grow this year.

I worked for about five hours outside. I am beat. Some of what I was doing was cutting and dragging Black Locust poles. That takes a lot out of me.


The Michigan Safe Fish site suggests that adults should eat less than one meal of suckers a month from the Grand River basin. PCBs are the reason given.

Fish from Lake Michigan is highly restrictive. I had no idea that beautiful, Lake Michigan was so filthy.

The Thornapple River, however, lists up to four servings a month as OK with mercury given as the reason and Morrison Lake is clean enough that 12 servings per month are OK.

So much for the plan to catch forty pounds of suckers and pressure canning them unless they come out of Morrison Lake.

The Michigan Safe Fish guide standards for PCB are for the "Sensitive Population", kids below 15 and women of child-bearing age.


  1. I've often thought that having a LARGE pond that would be stocked with land locked salmon might be a way to insure a protean fat supplement. Then again maybe that wouldn't work because I lack a pond or the required info

  2. Here in the upstate of SC, Lake Hartwell used to have the PCB warnings because of the nuclear power plant. The lake has been cleaned up since then and now they hold one of the major bass fishing tournaments there every year.


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