Thursday, March 25, 2021

Happy Dance

Mrs ERJ finished the taxes and they are in the mail (electronically speaking).

Mrs ERJ frequently walks with Sprite. Sprite's husband, The Captain, passed away about a year ago. Sprite frequently comments "I wish the Captain had shown me where/how/when to do something".

Mrs ERJ took it to heart. She battled her way through the software. She got frustrated. She kept at it, though. She kept at it steadily for two days.

Today, Mrs ERJ is the hero of the realm and the blog.


  1. all hail mrs.erj! who fearlessly tread where 100 million less courageous doth dare.

  2. Which software was she battling with for her reckoning with the taxman?

    I expect to complete my taxation software battle this evening - there will be much wailing, gnashing of teeth, rending of garments, and much sadness as I see the total taxes heading to the Feds and the state.

    1. H&R. Used to be a Turbo/intuit guy unail they went anti 2nd

    2. I just filed with H&R as well. There's almost always errors in the Michigan state section so I make sure to never say yes to seeing if I qualify for any of the listed credits (newsflash I don't anyways) as it almost always causes an error even if it decides you don't qualify and you can't get rid of them.

  3. Been using Turbo Sux for 20 years.
    Every year it gets WORSE !!!!!!

  4. As for taxes, i have a contrarian view of doing those on the internet. I still do mine paper and mail them in. Old school i know, but i like it that way.


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