Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Notes to self (running list)

Tree replant on south end of property

  • Cut trees in the 1/3 acre with the dead/dying NM-6 hybrid poplar
  • Spray glyphosate to kill grass/sod on approx 8' centers.
  • Trap/shoot squirrels
  • Plant pecans and Red Oak acorns before May first

Orchard fertilizer plan

  • Fertilize orchards with urea approx April 1. That is at least a month earlier than my habit
  • Fertilize with 6 lbs urea every 120 feet of row.
  • Spray beneath trees with glyphosate to suppress weeds approx May 1 and again on June 15.

Tree replant where sumac died

  • Transplant butternut seedlings to area near sugar maples where sumac died.  


  • Black currant plants
  • Jefferson and Yamhill hazelnut rooted suckers
  • Grafted chestnut Szego
  • Woodchips or bark mulch


  • Graft north row of Shenandoah pear to Korean Giant and/or Chojuro
  • Graft apple tree next to Gold Rush along south pasture fence line to Kerr
  • Graft some tomato plants to gain expertise
  • Cut scionwood from Illinois Everbearing Mulberry
  • Cut scionwood Chujoro and Korean GIant
  • Move pecan seedlings to northeast corner of property

Seedling start

  • Chinese cabbage (Start July 4, plant out Aug 1)
  • Deadon savoy (Start May 15) 


  • Mow last week of May before Orchard Grass pollinates
  • Frost seed red clover "Freedom"
  • Frost seed festulolium Duo

Walnut wood lot

  • Thin out runts
  • Cut Honeysuckle bushes
  • Cut Boxelder trees/bushes
  • Move fence post sized wood to orchard until needed
  • Cut small trees next to road


  1. That's enough to keep you out of mischief for awhile.--ken

  2. Darn Joe, when do you have time to sleep?

    1. Well, Fred, I must confess to having two super-powers.

      One is the ability to lose 10mm and 13mm wrenches. I don't really lose them so much as tunnel them to a parallel universe. While those wrenches disappear from my tool box they are replaced with 12 and 14mm wrenches. I am sure the opposite is happening to some poor guy one universe away.

      My other super-power is the ability to sleep any time I am within three feet of a recliner or sofa. I don't even need to be in it or on it.

      I am humble about these gifts. I rarely write about them. It is not something I aspired to or worked for. Rather, it is a gift from above.

    2. I have long said that there are parallel universes, where things like tools and carkeys go to.


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