Saturday, March 6, 2021

Remnant: Map dump

 First attacks on Energy Infrastructure



Second series of attacks on Energy Infrastructure

Second series in semi-transparent green with areas that were hit with both attacks in olive-drab.

Population density visualization map

Population of an area is the "weight" of the pile of sand.

Jim's "can"

Jim's can is circled in red. Map is approximately 1/2 mile on a side so harrassing shooters could be lobbing rounds in from anywhere on this map. Upper-right quadrant has poor visibility of "can" due to topography and woods.


  1. It wouldn't be hard for some redneck to get up in a tree and dump harassing fire and then rappel down and disappear.

  2. Or one of the governor's lackeys getting even with the mayor.

  3. The realism of your stories is beyond compare.


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