Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Beyond ugly

In its most basic sense a business takes inputs like labor, raw materials, floor space and combines them in ways that create value. That is, the final products are worth more than the inputs.

A rancher takes tiny calves, grass, salt and water and grows them into 600 pounds of edible beef.

A farmer takes seeds and fertilizer and wear-and-tear on equipment and 18 hour work-days and produces 22 million Calories per acre.

A landlord takes credit and houses and a deep bench of support people and provides housing for people who need a place out-of-the-weather to sleep.

Nearly half of all businesses will cash in their chips by the end of April unless something exceptional happens.

That would not be a concern if we could eat grass or fertilizer. If we could all fix our own plumbing and roofs and pour our own concrete.

The cynics among us expect the powers-that-be will use the crisis to demand business owners bend their knees in fealty to the new order.

If you have family members who own a business, please understand they are under tremendous stress. If it is within your ability, offer any help you can...a few hours behind the counter or a few dollars of custom at their business or a sympathetic ear.

We are all in this together.


  1. well, for you and me, perhaps.

    As regards "our betters", well, I cannot identify a solitary sacrifice they have undergone, of any material value.

    1. And if given the choice, I can think of no better companions to weather whatever comes our way than you and me and our companions.

      Our "betters" have chosen their life-boat. And I have chosen mine. And should we fail, may many generation sing our song and shit on our "betters" graves.

  2. That about one-half of Americans would elect a party that would fabricate a phony epidemic and purposely fabricate a social/economic/personal crises of this magnitude just to seize power and loot the system says a lot about our moral condition. We are going to pay a price of unimaginable proportions. --ken

  3. I agree that many businesses are in trouble... but I need to see more information before believing that it is 44% of ALL small businesses in the US.
    First of all, the sample size is 6,029 - a small portion of the 6 million members that company has and a infinitesimal portion of the 32 million businesses they are claiming to represent.
    Second, nothing is said about what type of businesses those are or where they are located. In the past when I have seen surveys like this,the answers mostly came from certain geographic areas and certain industries, both of which do not represent the nation as a whole.

    In particular, I SUSPECT (but can't prove)that the respondents to this survey are primarily in the states hardest hit by restrictions. There are HUGE differences in economic performance between the states with strict restrictions (and almost uniformly Democrat governors) and the states with milder or NO restrictions.
    Don't forget that almost all national media (over 95%) is based in New York or LA and they have a pronounced tendency to assume that the whole country is like what they see around them.

  4. I think this grim fact is recognized by those who keep at least one foot grounded in the real world. Tex., Miss., Okla., and S. Dak. seem to be more attuned to what is necessary to preserve prosperity. Our state opens up next week, officially, although each county will also have to weigh in on their decision to do away with mask edicts and distancing.

    I still am amazed at how little attention has been paid to the shifting WHO test criteria that suddenly has resulted in far fewer COVID-positive test results. Said 'Change' declared one hour after the inauguration. Amazin'. See if the pandemic peaks in your area coincide with that date, and you too can be amazed.

  5. An admirable sentiment, and I'd go along if there were anyone in the local area to help out. Unfortunately, most of our small businesses have bent their knee to a greater or lesser extent to the ruling insanity. The ones who have bent a little I will shop at if I have to. The others get nothing.

    I can't boycott everyone, so I don't do business with the "worst", as best I can tell them.


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