Sunday, March 14, 2021

"Nope. Ain't no guns here"


Emergency C-sections take less than thirty minutes to execute and the time standard from from first-incision to baby out-of-the-womb is two minutes.
The Progressives don't deal in logic. They deal in power and use "feelings" and emotions the way a miner uses explosives. You cannot move a Progressive with logic.

However, those of us who lean conservative still respect logic. We still have honor and a desire to be truthful.

Isn't it nice to know that you can look a Progressive in the eye and answer "No. As a matter of fact I have no guns on the premises."

*There is a legal concept known as "constructive possession" where if you possess all the parts for illegal item "X" even if they are not assembled into or cooked into illegal item "X", then you are legally in possession of "X".

The only wiggle-room I see is the word "possess". Does "possess" mean it is in your hand, on your work-bench or can be found within a specified amount of time? Do I possess an item if it is in a woodchuck-hole on my neighbor's property or on the bottom of the fuel tank of his old tractor? 

Clearly, I can order a part from a supplier and even though I consider it legally mine, it is not within my possession until it has been delivered, I opened the package and verified that the proper part was delivered.

I am NOT a lawyer. I cannot give legal advice. I can point out inconsistencies in how the law is interpreted and used to bludgeon innocent citizens. Use the information in this post at your own peril.


  1. It's rhetoric. Most people can only respond to feelings,and rhetoric produces feelings. You're wasting your breath and disrespecting the listener if you speak logic to someone who can only hear rhetoric.

  2. Is it now illegal to have pressure cookers at your house? Since they were used as bombs, seems like you'd need a background check to buy one, however high capacity units can not be purchased except by qualified trained cooks. From what I've read 80% receivers do not follow any math formula. Each item is reviewed singly by ATF. No logic, except what they say. Solvent trap guys, diversified machine who clearly understand definitions got shut down by ATF and further more, if you bought any of their products you are now a criminal and better turn in your purchase to feds, if you value your freedom. Clearly they want you to be fearful of anything firearm related, since it is impossible to understand what is legal today and a felony tomorrow.

  3. They intend to go after ammunition, as hard or harder than the guns and gun parts. It is a wet dream for them. They have already attempted to get certain types of the most commonly used rifle and hand gun ammunition legally banned. In a number of states, certain types of ammo such as (so-called) armor piercing, tracer, hollow points, .50 BMG, and frangible, just to name a few...are already banned.

    Of course, the language used by gun-grabbers and their media lackeys is intentionally misleading, so as to more easily hoodwink a populace that is not generally knowlegable about guns and ammo. Fully automatic A-4's in the hands of cops are called 'personal defense weapons', while semi-auto AR-15's in the hands of you and me are called 'assault rifles'. Your great-grandfather's bolt action Springfield or Remington hunting rifle with iron sights is now referred to as a 'sniper rifle'. Any rifle bullets that are capable of penetrating Type III vests (which is most of them) are now referred to as 'cop killers. And so on, and so forth.

    I have never done any reloading, but I am hearing that reloading supplies, such as powder, primers, and even the brass cartridges themselves are becoming increasingly expensive and harder to obtain. If .gov has its way, these items may become permanently unobtainable. I am not knowlegable enough know if there is any potential for these things to be safely and reliably manufactured in a cottage industry setting. But We The People, one way or another, need to be working on creating a diversified supply chain of ammunition and all the components needed to make ammunition.

  4. There is only one way to make a GOOD gun-grabber/ And it would be illegal to openly discuss it in public or online because we do not live in a free country anymore. I leave you with a quote from John F. Kennedy. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

    1. Another one :

      "Where the people fear the government, there is tyranny. Where the government fears the people, there is liberty."
      - George Washington

  5. The election thievery of 2020 renders the Left's claim to legality or any morality invalid.

    That the Supremes refused to CONSIDERR that a crime was committed speaks volumes.

    If you were not using the "Jews in the attic" mindset, perhaps it is time you consider it.

    It was not legal to hider a 14 year old girl in the attic.
    It was legal to grab her and cart her off to be exterminated in camps.

    They can cram "legal" sideways.

  6. The law often deals in "constructive" definitions.

    Many decades ago, I mail-order purchased the guts of a suppressor, touted as legal and not requiring any paperwork.

    About 7 or 8 years after that, two ATF agents showed up at my grad school office asking about said purchase. (This was long before I got my law degree and would have given them a very different response from just talking to them.)

    Clearly they had gotten hold of the sales records of the mail-order business from nearly ten years in the past, and were going down the list one person at a time. I could only tell them I wasn't sure where those components were any more (having moved about 5 times over the years) but I hadn't brought them into the state we were currently sitting in, and that I had never taken them out of the shrink wrapped cardboard package they came in.
    All they could do was grumble that I had better not keep those components near any weapon I might own, as that alone would be considered (at least by them) as "constructively" assembling them into a working unregistered unlicensed suppressor. Didn't matter there was no can to hold the components, no threaded barrel to install it on.

    These days, I would have to agree that we are past the point where we should be caching our weapons. These are the times we should be digging them up and oiling them.


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