Saturday, February 1, 2020

Snow Flakes

Morris Berger resigned from his position as the offensive coordinator at Grand Valley State University.

He had been suspended by the University.

In an interview with the school paper, he responded to a question "What three figures from history would you like to have lunch with?"

He was quoted as replying:

"This is probably not going to get a good review, but I'm going to say Adolf Hitler," Berger said. "It was obviously very sad and he had bad motives, but the way he was able to lead was second-to-none. How he rallied a group and a following, I want to know how he did that. Bad intentions of course, but you can't deny he wasn't a great leader."

Go on-line and do a search on "Leadership principles of Genghis Khan" or "Leadership secrets of Attila the Hun"

And how would the snow flakes have us defeat evil if we are to know nothing of its habits and do not study its ways of making war?


  1. "Rommel, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!

  2. He should have said Joe Stalin, probably would have gotten a raise.


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