Friday, February 7, 2020

A note from the Management

I expect to be posting more content that is political as we move closer to the 2020 election.

I don't pay any fees to have the .blogspot. site host the blog. But it also means they can jerk the privilege away.

In order to not attract the attention of those who might be tempted to deplatform this blog, I ask that comments refrain from exploring certain "what if" scenarios.

Deplatforming is not the only concern. Suppose somebody, caught up in the passion of the moment, suggested that politician Nate Thornetree-Crataegus might/should be targeted for an assassination attempt...and then suppose somebody takes a pot-shot at Thornetree while he is in the commentor's home-town.  Really, do you want a SWAT team breaching your front door at 11:30 PM?

Consider this notice that I will be applying the unlucky-coincidence rule. I will delete comments that would appear incriminating in the event of an unlucky coincidence OR if the comment was read without the benefit of context.

Your cooperation in this matter will be appreciated.

PS: The internet is not the neighborhood Pub. And, the neighborhood Pub is not what it used to be. The smartphone in your pocket recognizes your voice, can transcribe voice-to-text and can make changes in the transcript based on logic and grammar. Don't be THAT GUY at the Pub who makes statements that make you a suspect. You may think you are among friends but you forget about the fact that ANYBODY can be on the other end of that smartphone.


  1. I will respect your wishes. The other side has already won.

  2. Thanks, Joe. We all need to work a little bit harder not to hurt the little one's feelings as we attempt to become little candles of light to the heathen world. Peace.

  3. I do feel the need to point out that Leprechaun Mike Boomburg's eyes really ARE to close together and beady looking. And he DOES look like a fucking insect.

    1. Fair game!

      Those comments do not incite violence nor can they be interpreted as "a plan".


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