Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Real ID

Mrs ERJ and I did the paper-chase today.

We found our birth certificates.

We had to go to Lansing to get our marriage certificate as Mrs ERJ's name changed.

Then we went to the Secretary of State.

Michigan's SOS added staff to handle the expected rush. I got one of the experienced clerks. That did not make it go any faster. She had three of the newbie clerks ask her questions while she was processing my information.

I wish I had the entire story for one of the clerks that popped in several times. As best I can piece it together, a man tried to repo a vehicle that was not his. He had a counterfeit title and the older woman who owned the vehicle called the cops. The repo man decided to try to bluff his way through.

The clerk who was waiting on me seemed very certain the woman was not suffering from dementia. She also knew the clerk in the other branch who waited on the repo man...maybe he presented false documents and asked for a title reissue?

The clerk advised the newbie to put a hold on the security tapes for the cameras in the other branch. Every transaction is time-date-location stamped. If the repo-man did what I think he did, things will not go well for him.

I wish I knew the whole story.

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