Wednesday, February 5, 2020

I am still predicting Kamala Harris as 2020 Dem POTUS candidate

Why not make stupid predictions?

I predict a brokered Dem Convention after Bernie runs away with the vote.

Bernie lets slip that he favors Ilhan Omar as VP.

Establishment Dems, slightly more sane than their zany full-on communist peers know that mainstream American is not ready for the final solution. "Sure we want Bernie...but in ten more years."

Hillary will get treated like she has leprosy. Four years ago she looked like walking death and four more years of marinating in Chardonnay hasn't helped her. Leprosy might be the only disease she doesn't have.

Klobuchar couldn't win Iowa, also known as Minnesota Lite. She is gone.

Pete is too short. He would look like Howdy-Doody next to Trump.

Kamala Harris checks all the boxes. The establishment Dems would LOVE to run a black woman who talks "suburban" English. Michelle doesn't want the job and neither does Oprah. Who does that leave? Maxine Waters?

Personally...If I were a Dem, I would run Tulsi Gabbard. She is the only one I see who could go one-on-one, junkyard dog with Trump and hold her own. I don't care for her politics but I think she is the Dems best chance. But she scares them so that isn't going to happen.


  1. The Dims have a real dilemma on their hands. Old Joe is weak sauce - placing fourth in Iowa proves that. The fake Indian Elizabeth Wampum has credibility issues - Trump would tear into her like a cat with a catnip toy. Blacks will not vote for Buttegieg because as a group they disapprove of gays, and without the Black vote the Dims cannot win.

    That pretty much leaves crazy old uncle Bernie, an unapologetic Communist. While the Dims are plenty stupid, they are at least smart enough to know that you never go full Commie just prior to the general election, as the American people are not dumbed down enough yet to accept an out and proud Communist. That is why Bernie scares them. They know Trump would have him for lunch in the general election.

    I think they would love to cheat Bernie out of the nomination again, and come up with a dark horse candidate to run against Trump. Bloomberg, or Harris perhaps. I agree that Gabbard would be the most sensible choice for them, but they are afraid they cannot control her, and she is off the Democrat reservation on a number of issues.

  2. I think Kamala is now well and truly past her sell-by date.

    I figure they slip Bloomberg in or go all in on Bernie and go crashing down in flames.

  3. The Dims have gone full retard under Nasty Pelosi. Nothing they do will erase that. Trump will (correctly) cite the Wonders of the Trump economy, while the Dims will go on about bathrooms and free education and medical care for illegals, paid for by taxpayers. It will be a slaughter.
    Or they could nominate Boomburg who will threaten to take our guns and nanny state us to death. Either way, the Dims lose, and lose the House. And Trump wins 45 states.

  4. I think you all take Bloomberg too lightly. Here in Texas we get multiple ads from him daily. I don't want him but his ads are slick. Plus he HAS the ads. I have seen more of his ads than all of the other candidates combined. For the Democrat " True Believers " he checks most of the boxes. For those wanting a " Moderate" he could be it. Then going into the race he can steal some on the fence plus the " Anyone but Trump" crowd. I hate his politics but he doesn't go all the way to " Batshit crazy". Lots of Democrats still in the race. Yet in some ways reminds me of 4 yrs ago. Bloomberg lets them pick each other off for now...he isn't " serious", right ?? He doesn't even need to say anything bad about them...for now. He uses his staff and high dollar campaign towards the end to out muscle whomever the Dems have left.

  5. If Bloomberg wasn't in, I would say the race was all but over.

    1. Boomburg's eyes are too beady and close together.
      He looks like an insect. Besides, his East Coast communist and nanny state delusions won't fly in the Midwest, South, and with sane voters anywhere.

  6. I agree that I don't see Harris coming back in. I also agree that the Dem Party will do anything they can to keep Bernie from being the nominee. I'm surprised they even let him run this time after how close he came last time - remember, he isn't actually a Democrat; he's an independent socialist who normally caucuses with the Democrats.

    I would not be surprised to see Bloomberg really pushing to be the nominee, and he has enough money that he could make it happen, especially if he chose a woman or minority as his VP to be more palatable. But I don't see even Bloomberg beating Trump; due to enthusiasm, I could see Bernie doing better against Trump than anyone else.

  7. I think Bloomberg would be a viable candidate. If you are indifferent to 2nd amendment issues Bloomberg could be your “go to” guy. He comes across as a reasonable moderate.

  8. I think of all the candidates, Bloomberg has a slight edge. He will outspend all of the other candidates, and this means he will saturate the airwaves. Voters in election years are not magically wise. Repetitive ads work, and this will be the strength that Bloomberg is able to play to. And he can afford the cost of each, slickly produced, visually arresting ad to be aired hundreds of times. He will be the one to beat. He will present himself as the outsider Democrat.

    1. If what you say is true, then the massive domestic hot war that all sane people fear will begin. I pray to God that we can avoid such a terrible war. But I have confidence that President Trump will prevail and we will avoid both a domestic war and a World War.


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