Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Jones' law

Warm fuzzies come and go, but scar tissue accumulates. -a variant of Jones' Law

Scar tissue is the one permanent gift we can give our children.

Words are as ephemeral as a fart in a wind-storm. Getting punched in the nose, though, is something you remember for a while.

Our children clamor to be treated as adults. Adults seek honest feedback. If they are programming to fail, they SHOULD fail. Anything else is to treat them like children.

Men are simple. Basically, we think about two things. Give us a sandwich. If we don't eat it we are thinking about the other thing.


  1. Corollary - when they've done well, they won't need your praise, they'll know they did well. But true praise will still be gold to them if they've never known false praise.

  2. The problem comes when children clamor to be treated as adults, but fail the test by not asking for feedback, or receiving it well.


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