Saturday, February 1, 2020

I got the last trees dropped

Two "red" oak leaves on the left. Two "white" oak on the right. The tips of the lobes are the critical feature. Red are pointy, like needles (pointy-needles-blood-red) and the white are blunted like knuckles (kid driving-dad's knuckles white)
Today's equipment failure was my cell phone battery. They only had enough juice to take the picture shown above and then the phone said "good night". I only got a hour of cutting in the woods today.

I want to thank Ed Bonderenka  for advising me to consider a Galaxy S5. The S5 was state-of-the-art 2015 technology and can be picked up used on eBay. The neat thing about the S5 is that you can buy and replace the battery yourself. Not only that, but there are now aftermarket, combination battery/cases. Rather than limited by the package Samsung designed for the battery, you can replace the battery and the back of the phone with a case with a vastly bigger battery.

How much bigger? A standard S5 battery is 2800mAh. The battery/case has a capacity of 7800mAh. And they aren't defying physics or relying on uber-technology to cram more electrons into a smaller package. They simply increased the volume of the space allocated for the battery. I like simple.

One last thought on battery life. I nearly always run in ultra-powersaving-mode to conserve battery life. UPM turns off WIFI. I need to take it out of UPM to take photos. Flipping out of UPM turns WIFI back on and it probably starts downloading all kinds of updates. The night before I plan a day in the woods, it probably behooves me to NOT have UPM on at night while I am recharging the phone so it can vacuum up updates. Then, turn on UPM before I head out the door.

The weather will be warm tomorrow and melt the tiny bit of snow we have on the ground. That will give me a vacation. I drag my tools back into the woods on a sled. The ground is much too wet and soggy to drive across. We should have some more snow on the ground by next weekend.

Still standing on the site are two Swamp White Oak that I intend to graft to a heavy producing Bur Oaks, a Shagbark Hickory I intend to graft to a named Shellbark hickory, the Pagoda Dogwood and the girdled tree holding the bittersweet.

Everything else is on the ground and needs to be bucked up and moved.

On the days I do that I will be one tired bucker.

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  1. Been using my S5 for years now - I bought it because it was one of the few phones with ports that allowed for dual SIM cards at the same time, allowing the user to switch between them. Pretty handy when working in 1 country and living in another, 2 completely different national phone systems....


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