Monday, February 3, 2020

Raconteur Report added to Blog Roll

Raconteur Report was added to the blog roll not only for his sunny disposition but because he is the single best source of information and perspective on Coronavirus, Ebola and so on. Aesop is a registered nurse in an emergency room somewhere in southern California. Not only is he well versed in this stuff, but his interest is far more than academic...he might be elbow deep in biohazard with the very next "guts spilled with a knife" patient.

One of the first things you learn in Project Management is to not measure a pile of shit with a micrometer. When dealing with shit information, if you are lucky, it resolves to binary: "Plenty" or "not plenty."

At this point I believe that the new strain of Cornonavirus is "plenty bad enough" but will defer to Aesop's expertise in these matters.


  1. Plenty or not plenty...
    I like your analogy. I will shamelessly use it in political discussions and commentary.

  2. While you are probably correct regarding Mr. Aesop's knowledge and expertise, I will say that I, for one, simply don't have enough patience to put up with the egotistical, arrogant and rude rants that so often permeate his writing. That's just my $.02 The cool thing is, I can continue to read your stuff AND continue to not read his. Freedom is a beautiful thing!

    1. One of the reasons I formatted the blog list to include the title of the most recent post was so readers could decide if they want to dip-in or pass on any given piece.

      God bless diversity!

  3. Been reading Aesop for a while now. Good add. He's rough, especially around the edges.


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