Saturday, February 8, 2020

Not much happening around here

I spent the last couple of days at Mom's.

I did get to interact with a young man. His live in girlfriend is a classic psycho-chick.

He wants to kick her out but is afraid of her destroying all of his things.

It started as a charity f*ck. She moved in.

I said, "So just tell her to move out."

He said it was "complicated."

He believes that once she has a single piece of mail delivered to her at that address, that the process of kicking her out takes a minimum of six months. Even though she is not listed on the rental agreement nor is she paying any utilities.

I am 99% sure that he is confusing protections offered people who sign contracts to rent property in good faith with BS an unwelcome moocher is peddling.

He also said that she has a history of being violent. "There are multiple warrants out for her arrest." hence his fear of having his things destroyed.

"Sounds easy to me." I said. "Call the cops and have them show up to collect her."

I mentioned that you should never sleep in the same house as somebody who has declared war on you.

The young man shook his head. "Its not that easy."

Earlier, he told me that this chick is a drama machine. At least one Hissy-fit, screaming match meltdown with somebody, somewhere every week.

I said "Call in her location after she gets fired...AGAIN. She will assume it was her former boss or coworkers."

Again, I got a couple of lame excuses.

So, the young man doesn't want a pet dog or pet cat of goldfish. He wants a pet primate. Got it. Fringe benefits. It is not choking chickens that makes young men blind. Just sayin'.


  1. The wisdom of celibate dating prevails again.

  2. [Snickering] regular sex has that effect on horny young men. You did impress upon the hormone afflicted, cognitively challenged fool to ALWAYS use a condom didn't you? I never had to pay child support but I I've seen lots of guys get financially violated behind careless sex.
    And I've seen a generation of single parent children turn into screwed up adults...
    Lots of wisdom in the biblical model of marriage.

    1. I didn't bother. It is not as if young guys listen to old people.

  3. Crazy in the head, means crazy in the bed!

  4. With the lame excuses and lazy way he presents himself, I believe the young man loves the drama too much. He enjoys crazy, crazy is ok if you are another state and don't tell her your real name or where you come from. I too have given advice to a couple of young men and if I get excuses, I walk away telling him you made your bed, you figure it out.


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