Thursday, February 6, 2020

Bloomberg's Achilles Heel

Bloomberg got ZERO delegates in Iowa.

Suppose the Democratic party sees Bloomberg as their moderate salvation and they give him the nomination in a brokered Convention. Then Trump can make the case that the Clinton's sold the plantation to Bloomberg. That voting for Democrats is like choosing hall monitors on the Titanic. It might give the doomed a sense of control but there is no chance of influencing the final outcome.

That is, Trump will package the Democratic brand as an entity that buys-and-sells voters as chattel. To identify as a Democrat and to vote as a Democrat is to willingly sell yourself and your children into bondage where you have no agency over the future.


  1. I agree with most of your analysis, however note that Bloomberg didn't campaign in Iowa and I'm not sure he did the official paperwork to run there.
    He has been spending bigger than the other candidates combined in the Super Tuesday states and I read that he wasn't planning to compete in the early states.

    I agree that it doesn't really matter who Trump ends up against; he'll label them as Democrat and tie together all of the crazy stuff the whole party has done in the last year and hang the nominee with it. In my opinion, the election is Trump's to lose and so far that looks unlikely.

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  3. I have seen about a dozen Bloomberg ads in the last couple of hours. He advertises heavily here in Texas. I don't know how Trump ( who has money) plays off Bloomberg for having money. His ads are slick and professional . Tonight he has added spots that show him with Obama and a voice over saying how healthcare is a right and he will expand and improve ObamaCare. Sounds good if you don't think too hard.


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